Aloft (previously Kittyhawk), a leader in drone operations and airspace management options, has been awarded another patent for the Dynamic Airspace Platform, the core of its business. This latest patent adds to their current portfolio of IP expertise powering the next technology of Common Visitors Administration Programs (UTM) and their current “XiD” expertise patents for remote detection of drones and additional components of dynamic airspace.

Aloft’s Dynamic Airspace Platform powers your entire Aloft UTM platform in addition to the FAA’s B4UFLY utility. Since aloft’s revamp of the B4UFLY platform on the Internet, iOS and Android, the dynamic airspace platform that powers it has effectively delivered over 10 million airspace checks, making it the best volume airspace answer available on the market Is.

“We are proud to see our answer being deployed for such a variety of use-cases. Our philosophy has always been to use the possibilities of alternatives reasonably, than to create demonstrations or exhibitions. IP We have created the building blocks of an ecosystem from Distance ID to Dynamic Airspace to UTM varieties where drone operations can happen at scale without compromising safety or compliance,” says Joshua Ziering, Aloft CTO.

Aloft’s Dynamic Airspace Platform, along with the FAA’s B4UFLY utility, may be the driving pressure behind Aloft’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Functionality (LAANC) product that powers more than half of all FAA LAANC requests. Aloft’s simple to use cell function for Android, iOS and the Net presents a unified interface for most enterprise customers and leisure enthusiasts, sound and compliant from airspace while maintaining situational consciousness in real time gets admission in.

Working with a select group of beta prospects, Aloft has begun making API information available to companies on the Prime of their airspace platform. This includes flexibility to question locations and flight plans for airspace adapted to current authorities and their account, in addition to a total set of nationwide airspace with class, altitude limits and current TFRs.

It also allows local stakeholders such as the metropolis of San Francisco to place all of their park information and local drone ordinances in B4UFLY – instantly bringing situational awareness to the most important audience of drone operators in this world.

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