Usain Bolt said the advances in Spike expertise that would help debunk his world news are ridiculous and that even the new shoes give him an unfair advantage over any athlete who doesn’t play.

After athletes were ripped off by document books in working distance with carbon-plated, thick-soled shoes, expertise has now moved to dash spikes, the place – albeit with little time in the race for profit to make an impression. is – yet it is enough to distinguish.

“After I was advised about it I couldn’t even imagine that this is what we’re doing now, what do I mean? That we’re actually adjusting the spikes to a stage where it’s now going to hurt the athletes even more. Giving a bonus to running fast,” Bolt advised Reuters in an interview with Kingston.

The 100m and 200m world document holder and eight-time Olympic champion competed in puma spikes during the course of his profession.

“It’s bizarre and unfair to a lot of athletes because I know before they [shoe companies] actually tried and the governing body said ‘no, you can’t change the spikes’, so to know that Now that they’re actually doing that, it’s laughable.”

American Trayvon Bromell is a strong contender for Bolt’s 100m title win in Tokyo. He is the fastest in the world this year with 9.77s, but the 2015 world 100m bronze medalist is less satisfied with the footwear’s impact.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of wisdom to suggest that he has such a huge improvement,” Bromell, who runs for New Steadiness, said last week. “I know we [New Balance] are constantly building on what we now have to make a proper spike, but for me personally as a runner I still really think it’s going to be a good time to present. not enough knowledge.”

While other companies now have related footwear fashions, Nike is set to dominate and pride itself on being at the forefront of expertise. “We’re just smart about how we engineer and assemble them,” Nike said.

The company said that it actually works within the rules to keep its athletes in a leading position.

Weighing in on the development of shoe expertise, World Athletics said: “Existing legislation [July 2020] is intended to introduce certainty to athletes preparing for the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to protect the integrity of elite competitors and to protect the technical The development is designed to be restricted. At the present stage until after the Olympic Games in Tokyo, on all occasions.”

It asked a working group on footwear to set criteria for achieving consistency between innovation, aggressive leverage and availability of goods.

Performing in the Nike Air Zoom Maxfly, Jamaica’s two-time Olympic gold medalist Shelley-Ann Fraser-Price clocked the fastest 100m time in 33 years with a career-best 10.63 seconds in Kingston on June 5.

Florence Griffith-Joyner, the only American world document holder, has gone faster – 10.49 seconds in 1988 in Indianapolis. However Fraser-Price was unwilling to reduce the amount of work she has to do to become the fastest woman while she trains and competes. Nail.

“You can provide someone else with the spikes and so they probably won’t do the same thing that I did, so I’m not counting myself out of the hard work done by myself and my coach.” The four-time 100m world champion said.


“Probably a mix of each—good malts and good runners mixed in—makes an excellent end-product. So for me, I can’t level spikes alone.”

American Shakari Richardson, who lost her spot in the 100 meters in Tokyo after receiving a one-month suspension for marijuana use, jumped to No. 6 on the all-time list with 10.72 while using the shoe in April.

Veteran Jamaica Dash coach Stephen Francis admitted that Nike’s new Dash spikes are driving sharp cases.

“Based on most anecdotal evidence and the fact that you can have individuals who never run as fast as they are working out, I believe there may be a degree of , although there is no such thing as a scientific basis to build upon at that time,” said Francis. Despite the benefits, he said, anyone can benefit from Nike’s expertise based on the rules set by World Athletics.

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