Lithium-ion cells age each producing moisture and hydrofluoric acid, which over time degrades the cells. Elegus, created as a spinout of the University of Michigan College of Applied Sciences, has developed technology using nano-aramid fibers that allow the separator to immobilize these hazardous components within the cell, reducing the rate of degradation and Increases the lifespan of. It is essential for tasks such as automotive, aviation and stationary vitality storage.

“The commercialization of revolutionary applied science is one of the most difficult issues within the lithium-ion battery business,” said John Hennessy, CEO and co-founder of Eligus Applied Sciences. Soteria’s strategy of enabling wider penetration by licensing and consortium platforms around the world makes them a super ally to take our knowledge to market. We saw a transparent synergy between our supplies and their military-based separator.

Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria, said, “Catching chemicals, which are a fundamental cause of battery failure, will enable battery builders to move cells with larger vitality densities, faster than in any other case.” There will be a decline.” “Eligus’ technology will combine with Soteria’s separator to create a sensible, energetic separator, which is somewhat inferior to the passive separator supply currently in use.

Soteria’s Dreamweaver non-woven battery separators utilize aramid fibers for enhanced thermal and chemical stability, preventing the separator from melting or shrinking in the presence of defects or damages. eligas’ technology combined with the Dreamweaver separator without disrupting the normal cell formation process. This will allow the technology to be applied to today’s gigafactory lines, allowing it to be widely adopted without the expense of more gears or production lines.

Soteria’s open-innovation consortium and licensing construction creates a hub for brand new applied science that is widely accessible to the battery business. With the pure synergy of ELEGUS technology with the Dreamweaver separator, the push towards larger life power density batteries can be realized without compromising on longevity or safety.

About Soteria Battery Innovation Group Inc

Soteria Battery Innovation Group Inc. is a sophisticated technology improvement and licensing firm that has formed a consortium to advertise a light weight, protected and cost effective structure for Lithium Ion batteries everywhere. Soteria Big was based in 2017 by Brian Morin and Carl Hu, and is headquartered in Greenville, SC.

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